Zanzibar is the final destination. To the tourist, it is well known for scuba diving, sandy beaches, water sports, amazing beach hotels and resorts. The quickest way to get there is by air. The tourist will take a flight from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar. To the traveller, Zanzibar is rich! Rich in Swahili culture, a Muslim majority and a facinating history. The traveller would never hesitate going to Zanzibar by ferry.

View of Dar es Salaam from the ferry.


Azam Marine offers ferry services from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar. Tickets may be obtained anytime before departure time. You do not have to book in advance. You can get a ticket a few minutes before departure time.

Always have your passport and Yellow fever vaccination card. The cost of a ticket depends on the class of service you would like. There are four classes of service:

  • ECONOMY = $35
  • VIP = $50
  • ROYAL = $60

For East African citizens however, Economy class costs $25 which is relatively cheaper but way more than what our Tanzanian counterparts pay. ย Pick whichever class you want, it is always your call.

The different classes have different sitting locations onboard obviously. However, here’s a life hack, pay for Economy Class and then you may ย later move to whichever place you prefer. Get to sit wherever you want since no one monitors your movements in the sitting areas once you are inside the ferry and find out why the other classes pay more than you.


The ferry to Zanzibar has four departure times; 7:00a.m, 9:30a.m ,12:30p.m and 3:45p.m. These departure times are the same when coming back to Dar es Salaam just that the latest one leaves at 3:30p.m instead of 3:45 p.m.The ferry leaves exactly on time. If you had booked prior, make sure you arrive on time to avoid being left behind.


You may move around while it sails. Get to the top deck and enjoy the breeze. As you enjoy the breeze, be careful not to lose some of your valuables like I did. The wind gets really strong up there.


It takes two hours to sail from Dar es Salaam to Zanzibar and the experience is totally worthwhile!

Feel free to leave a comment down below if you have any questions or clarifications regarding getting to Zanzibar by ferry, your boy is always willing to help. Cheers!