I have been getting a lot of inquiries about my trip to Zanzibar. People have also been sending requests that I should share the budget costs for my previous trip to Zanzibar for a long while now. As you might be aware, Zanzibar is just a little bit more expensive than the mainland of Tanzania. In spite of this, it is still possible to get to visit Zanzibar while on a budget. I explored Zanzibar to the North, East, and South within a week. I stayed in Stone Town, generally on the West,which I will blog about a little later on, I promise. Here you go now, Zanzibar on a budget: top tips!


There are two ways. Firstly, you will need to catch a flight that gets you into the capital of  Tanzania, Dar es Salaam. You may check the estimate on flight costs on Travelstart right here should you wish to take a flight. However, I didn’t take a flight. I was on a budget.

Instead, I took a bus. I had to endure slightly over 16 hours on the road. I still think this is one of the greatest mistakes I ever made. On the good side, it was the cheaper option that cost me Kshs.7000/= on a return ticket.

From Dar es Salaam, you take a ferry to Zanzibar. A return ticket costs Kshs. 5000/=


A street in Stone Town

Oh, yes! It was a really fascinating week and a worthwhile experience for me while there. Stone Town is such a beautiful place to stay and I have contemplated to move and live there, not once, not even twice! Here’s how you may do it in the most simplest way that wouldn’t hurt your pockets so much.


I was lucky enough to get accommodation on airbnb in Stone Town. It was in a three bedroom apartment right at the heart of Stone Town. I took just one of the rooms and it cost me Kshs 1500/= per night for six nights.

Adonis, my host, was very helpful. He was a really great guy who was social and engaging. I learnt a lot about Tanzanians and their culture from him! He also let me use his car for my trip to Paje and Nungwi.

If you’d like to stay where I stayed while in Zanzibar, just contact me and I will readily link you up with Adonis.


For most of the activities, entry fees and boat rides to the various other islands, they cost much less when you join a group of other travelers. You may need to learn the art of asking. It helps. You may however go solo but grabbing discounts is always more fun!

All activities, boat rides & entry fees to all places cost me Kshs. 4000/=


Moving around Stone Town is pretty easy when you find accommodation at Adonis’ apartment. You just stroll to each and every place around.  I used Adonis’ car twice: during the trip to the East (Paje) and during my trip to the North (Nungwi). Fuel is relatively cheap. I took a daladala to the South (Kizimkazi).

The total cost of transportation around Zanzibar was Kshs. 3500/=


Food was incredible! I didn’t struggle to find budget eats around Stone Town. Should you ever visit Stone Town, don’t eat at Luqman Restaurant each and every day. It is one restaurant that is well known by anyone who has visited Zanzibar and is a favourite to tourists but it is relatively expensive. The food quality there is amazing and has great variety, just don’t eat there daily.

The total cost of food was: Kshs 6000/=

Drinking-wise, I am a teetotaler which means that alcohol is always off the cards! ( Yes to more saving!)


Vodacom SIM Card + cutting to required size – 200/=

Airtime and data for 7 days- 1000/=


This was more like a rumor for me when I visited Zanzibar. Please yell at me for being dumb enough to skip on travel insurance.


Accommodation- Kshs. 9000/= ( Zanzibar for 6 nights )

Transportation-Kshs. 15500/= ( return ticket bus + return ferry trip + transport around Zanzibar)

Food- Kshs. 6000/=

Activities & Entry fees- Kshs. 4000/=

Cost of other stuff- Kshs. 1200/=

Total cost- 35,700/= ( Ps: this total cost can really drop should you choose not to explore the whole of the island like I did. )

I hope this helps now. Reach out to me should you have any difficulties while planning your trip to Zanzibar. I will gladly help. Have your cup of happy comfort on a budget while in Zanzibar!