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‘UNTIL NOW’ EXHIBITION – My first time in an exhibition

A friend requested me to exhibit some photographs in Rwanda later on this year. I was excited but slightly scared. I was scared because I had never attended a photography exhibition before neither had I considered ever exhibiting my photographs. The fact that someone else wanted my photographs exhibited was very exciting! For this reason, when I heard that some of the people whose work I look up to had planned a photo exhibition, I took that opportunity to learn how it’s properly done.


‘Until Now’ was an exhibition set up by Osborne Macharia ( photographer), Kevo Abbra (stylist) and Andrew Mageto ( Cinematrographer ) at Alliance Française , Nairobi. There was also a special DJ set by the legendary Blinky Bill.

Set by Kevo Abbra at Alliance Française, Nairobi


I had already seen the displayed photographs online but it was a totally different experience seeing them in print. I appreciated the effort much more when I interacted with them printed compared to seeing them online.

Happy hangouts

I greatly appreciated the photography, the models, the style, the lighting, the equipment used and the whole creative direction. It’s always easy to overlook all these from viewing photographs online.  Moreover, I spent much more time looking at the photographs compared to how much time it would have taken me if I was scrolling through my Instagram. I got to also interact with some of the models and got to appreciate their crucial role in the displayed photographs.


Let me hear you say A-F-R-O-F-U-T-U-R-I-S-M!

Sit in style!


I also bumped into a couple of cool people at the exhibition and it felt great reconnecting with them. I also made new friends! See how vital printing photographs is!

Biko, man behind Slum Photography

Edna Taabu

Rich Allela

Carol Wachera

Stephen M.O

Kerril Ote

I left really looking forward to attending more exhibitions in future and perhaps being part of some too. I will keep you posted. Sharing photographs online is good and costs less but I believe that photographs should always be printed!

All love folks!


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  • Rih!
    February 14, 2018

    Love love the pictures of the guy with the cslcapt afro futurism
    So freaking artistic

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