The Pyramids of Giza are the world’s first skyscrapers and the last remaining wonder of the original Seven Wonders of the World. I lived in Egypt for slightly over two months and got the chance to visit the Pyramids, one of the top attractions in Egypt. For thousands of years, the Pyramids have prompted fantastic myths and legends as well as real and baffling scientific riddles. However, I am not going to talk about the history, the mystery or the grandeur of the Pyramids. There is nothing really I can add to that.

The Pyramids stand watching over Cairo


Accompanied by a couple of friends from Cairo, we arrived at the Pyramids a few minutes to noon. Thanks to Cairo’s unbearable traffic and our group’s dynamic nature in keeping time. Getting there by yourself is quite a hustle, don’t! Be part of a group. It is much cheaper. For me, I was lucky to be part of a group and I had my student card with me so I ended up paying less to access the Pyramids.

Students pay 40 Egyptian pounds to access the Pyramids

The sun was particularly unbearable and the light was harsh! Notwithstanding the harsh conditions of the day, I still had to document my adventure to the only remaining wonder of the ancient world.

A tired horse pulling the cart

There was a lot happening around me. The obligatory tour buses kept coming in with lots of tourists. Business was booming! Guys, Egypt is very safe!

Boy at the Great Pyramids of Giza


From a distance, the Pyramids stand firmly over the horizon.

View of the Pyramids from a distance


You need to either ride on a camel or a horse to get closer to the Pyramids.

Camels waiting

I had an easy time deciding what I would ride on. I picked a horse. I think horses are more sure-footed than camels although some people might dispute this. The choice is wholly yours, you may pick either.

Camel’s view of the Pyramids

I was already on ‘my’ horse’s back only to realise not everyone was all happy for me. A camel looked at me weirdly probably trying to figure out why I didn’t pick her.

Not everyone is happy when you share your joy

Anyway, I understood clearly how you owe no one an explanation and I quickly turned ‘my’ horse around and set out!

View from ‘my’ horse

My friends and I were all set for the happy adventure. Most of us picked horses.

Azizi trying out his horse

Maria Resa on horse back


After the interesting ride, we got nearer to the Pyramids and I was astonished greatly at how the Pyramids were built a long time ago with such precision! The stones lay perfectly. It was quite different from what it looks from afar.

Up close with the Pyramids

Stones over stones

We later found out that one could enter the Pyramids. It however costs much more to enter the Pyramids and I had not budgeted for this so I convinced myself that it wasn’t worth it. I will never know.

An entrance to one of the Pyramids


We got back to the starting point and took a few portraits before we headed to the Sphynx.

Portrait of Maria Resa at the Pyramids

Maria Resa at the Pyramids


The Sphynx is located just next to the Pyramids. It is a limestone statue of a reclining sphinx, a mythical creature with the body of a lion and the head of a human. This monumental statue is a national symbol of Egypt, both ancient and modern.

Ruby at the Sphynx

The Great Sphynx of Giza

Having checked the two off our bucket lists, we called it a day and went back to Cairo. The Pyramids are wonderful! The adventure to the Pyramids and the Sphynx is even better! However, Egypt is more than the Pyramids!


— Kech