Have you ever wondered how it’s like to live your life as a bicycle? In another world maybe? No? You just think about yourself!

Man cycles in The Hague, Netherlands.

Well, a while back, I was in the Netherlands and I was really fascinated by how much the Dutch have built a vast network of cycle paths. See, there are cycling lanes, all clearly marked, with separate signs and traffic lights as well. The lanes are wide enough to allow for overtaking and side-by-side cycling. They have also adopted the concept, ‘THE BIKE IS RIGHT’  , that was such an alien concept for me at first and made navigating roads and junctions quite a task but I eventually coped. There is really no doubt that the Dutch have created some of the most coveted bike safe streets in the whole world.

Clearly marked cycling lanes.

Wide enough lanes that allow for overtaking

Wide enough lanes that allow side-by-side cycling

Ubiquitous parking facilities

The bike is right

Consequently, I sought to photograph a bicycle’s perspective while in The Hague. Have a look!

A traffic-free life, how about that?

At times we listen in to your conversations

and always see how the world is full of love!

You humans make us wish we could have families!

We aren’t allowed in some places…

but at times we break the rules by just ignoring them!

We’ve got beautiful homes!

and shoulders to lean on,

really strong shoulders to lean on!

We also make great support systems

and enjoy the best street views!

But we don’t like it when you lock us up!

In my photo walks, I always make new friends, always! The Hague was not an exception. An old woman came to me cycling, stopped and was curious to know what I was up to. Her name is Anna. We had a conversation for well over fifteen minutes and I took this chance to ask about the cycling norm in the Netherlands. I wanted to know whether she was a cyclist, but she heavily rebuked me! “We are not cyclists!We are just Dutch!”

We are not cyclists!

We are just Dutch!

Anna told me how the bike was an integral part of everyday life rather than a specialist’s accessory. For them, the bike is not a symbol of a minority lifestyle but it is part and parcel of their daily lives.

My new friend Anna, cycling away.

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