Lately, I made a decision to eventually go pro as a photographer and to eventually take up photography for life! But as I thought about it all, I had to grapple with the thought that for a long time, I have been finding myself feeling rather envious of people who don’t have to take pictures for a living and can instead sit back and enjoy what’s in front of their eyes freely. Is it really worth it?

For clarity, I am not here to pass judgment at all. I can’t. I’ve blown amazing moments myself; in concerts, ushering in a new year, the sun setting and many more because I was either recording or photographing them instead! Is capturing moments stopping us from living in the moment?


Photography is my curse and my blessing! Without it, I can’t be able to support both my life and my travelling any more, but with it, I am stuck into this in-between territory where I am there but I am really not.


Times have changed. The fast pace that we are moving into virtual life cannot be stopped. Social media continues to rule and in a society where social media rules, it cannot be denied that this issue affects us all. Common social sites such as Snapchat, Instagram and Whatsapp have continued to be redesigned to give platforms to go live or post stories;basically, capturing moments that should otherwise have been enjoyed.


Why put a tiny screen between you and your life? What is the point of taking all those photographs? What are we doing with all of these videos that we must film each and every second instead of just enjoying the moments? Are they really useful?

I always feel really disappointed when I see many people lost in taking shitty images and selfies wasting priceless and magical moments. Wouldn’t it be better to actually BE THERE rather than throwing that luck away for a blurry and cheap shot?

“We need to have memories to look at in future!”

” We need visible proof that we were there and we can show it to others!”

“The technology exists!”

These are answers I always hear, but really,  if no one is going to see that photograph or small clip you are making, would you still film it?

We all need to stop focusing so much on capturing the moments and just enjoy them instead. Be present.  “Man, I was there!” How fulfilling it is to utter these words to anyone!

Stop capturing moments, enjoy them yo!


This piece first appeared as my guest post on JUST RIOBA