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“The law is reason free from passion.” Aristotle.

This is the question that I endeavored to answer in my journey through law school.
When I started, I was a child, upon completion, I am well on my way to being and enjoying the woman that I have always wanted to be.
Law school was difficult, I have shed tears of joy and sadness, those of excitement and nervousness, I have felt every possible emotion and had the opportunity to appreciate them all.
As part of the process, I learnt to look at the brighter side of life, to approach each situation with a spirit of positivity and anticipation for the good things that God has in store for me. I have been blessed.
Law school has brought me closer to God. It has enriched my faith and I have known to turn to Him at any hour of need. This is because I know that my God is stronger than I am, strongest of all. He is able to make the summer turn into fall. He controls all that happens and His power is plain to see. And I know I can trust Him, for with his power He cares for me.
I have become who I wanted to be and I am on my way to being so much more. Law school allowed me to meet my best friends and to interact with so many different and beautiful souls! I am so privileged and blessed to have seen the outcome of my efforts and to have been able to celebrate it all with my friends and family.
I am so grateful and honoured to have taken away what I have from law school and I look forward to all the wonderful things that God has in store for me and all of my friends.
Being done feels like a massive weight has been lifted off my shoulders, yet there is sadness in the fact that a chapter has ended (and ended well) however we won’t ever go back to those classes the same person again. It has been an amazing journey and I am immensely thankful to those who have seen me through it.


— Rukhsar

Rukhsar’s family is so chill and really really adorable!

Check out how they all look alike!

Let’s now set out & get this modelling thing done right. First of all those red bottom heels, how gorgeous! Couldn’t miss it!

Kick starting the shoot with portraits never goes wrong! It always makes everyone confident and bold!

How she keeps God close to her heart can’t just go without notice!


She makes everything look so easy! Pulling these poses ain’t easy. I tried.

Rukhsar’s details are so lovable!


Time to finally grab the graduation gown!

Feels so good wearing this. Not everyone does.

Dissertations, early mornings, boring lectures & exams, all done and dusted, for now!

Sitting here would look amazing.

Wait, this is my good side.

Smile, stand out!

Time to almost get the gown off! Got to have a couple with THE fam again.

Let’s get the graduation gown off now.

How stylish is Rukhsar’s younger brother! They look so good together!

Man almost stole the show!

Mama couldn’t be left behind!

Such a great thing to experience the motherly love!

The father-daughter bond is always unbreakable!

Had to make that bond absolutely ICONIC!

I must say, we really had a ball during Rukhsar’s graduation photo session!

Congratulations on your graduation girl! The pressure is now on, but you got it all, believe it!



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  • Rukhsar
    July 4, 2018

    Oh my goodness Kech!! Thank youu soooo much!! You are an artist and I was only the medium! These are absolutely beautiful shots and I am so grateful for the memories you have imprinted into the universe for me!! Thank you!! I think I’m going to cry ❤❤ it has been such a pleasure to study, interact and work with you!! You are going so many places and I pray for you daily! May you always prosper and attain your hearts desires ,in Jesus name! To Him be the glory! ❤❤❤

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