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First of all, I apologize for the silence on here. I know I shouldn’t be giving any excuses but don’t frown guys. I had to get done with school. It was a demanding last semester for me, hence the silence. Now that’s out of the way and I can get back to regular posting. I’ve seen the smile, thanks!

The road down Kerio Valley is full of twists and turns. It is a road with abnormally many corners. In primary school, our teachers told us that this road had 99 corners and while on a school trip to Lake Bogoria, we kept counting while shouting out loud as we took the turns but we all ended up with different counts at the end of it all.

As much as it has its fair share of twists and turns, it is a very scenic route.

One fine morning, together with three of my friends, we went on a road trip just to enjoy Kenya’s immense beauty.


We drove to Chebloch Gorge, one of the hidden gems of Elgeyo Marakwet County.

Chebloch Gorge

Here, at a fee, the Kerio River divers risk their lives to dive three times from different  rock heights into the deep waters of Kerio River.

One of the divers all set to take the leap

As much as it is a risky affair, I love the fact that they do not idle around nearby shops but wake up every morning and dive, into this business that they have now owned.


Later, on our way back, we caught up with a few locals whose genuine smiles had a ripple effect on me.

It was a really wonderful break away from the city that I never take for granted. If you can, take a trip to this side. You will love it.


Now APA Insurance has selected this photograph as part of their online campaign, Reclaim Happiness, as they thought it depicts genuine happiness. If you read this piece, feel free to head over to their Instagram page and like it.

All my backers, you have my entire gratitude!


— Kech

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