A couple of hours until midnight. The last day of the year was finally here and I was excited and all ready to leap into the new year. Ringing in 2018 was different as I took to the streets of Nairobi to celebrate the arrival of the New Year and perhaps photograph the amazing fireworks that erupt each and every year.


Accompanied by my friend, Morgane , we got up quite early to catch the last sunrise of year. I am hoping to make this a thing, or maybe not. We arrived at Uhuru Park’s view point early enough and got a security guard to stand with us at the view point as we watched the sunrise.

Nairobi at sunrise

A couple of minutes later, I see two guys approaching from the other side of the road. I had already set up my tripod and my camera was all set and ready to shoot. The cold was particularly crazy on this day. I was in shorts, I love shorts. The two guys cross the road and are really close to us now. I am calm, rather I tell myself so. At this time, Morgane hasn’t seen them yet. She is occupied with Nairobi’s beautiful skyline. Fast forward, I still have my equipment and we are all safe. Nothing happened. The guard with his stern face and voice put the two men to flight. However, if we didn’t ask the guard to stand with us there, it would have been a whole different story now. Top tip, this place is not safe. Have someone watch over you as you enjoy the first light from here.

Morgane taking in the first light

The sun was good. It was symbolic of hope. I have learnt over the years to watch the sunrise and enjoy it.


Less than five minutes until midnight, I was back at the same place and all ready to capture the display.

Fireworks erupt in Nairobi



I do not write my resolutions but I normally have a general direction that I hope my year takes. 2016 was my year of adventure. 2017 was my year of firsts. 2018 is my year of love.


I hope to capture the love in this world this year. I’d like my photography work to take up that path and give warmth to the world. I hope to spread the love to all those around me as well.Β  Love is a beautiful thing. I hope we all find it.

May you love and be loved this year. Happy new year folks!