Instameetsย are wonderful! You end up meeting really cool people, get to learn new stuff, interact with young people and also get to put a face to the people you usually only interact with online among other lovely things.

A scene from WWIM16

Casual hangouts with cool peeps

At this year’s Worldwide Instameet (WWIM16)ย numerous photographers and ‘photographers’ showed up, so I thought it was quite perfect to start with photographers in my portrait series of ‘taking photographs of people in their element.’


Observing people in their element says a lot about them. You may draw much more about them from the way they do their ‘thing’. I managed to take a few portraits of photographers in their element. Have a look at a few of them and show some love and support to them and their work!

1. MORDECAI ( @mordecai_nuni )

2. TINTSEH ( @tintseh )

3. LYRA AOKO ( @lyraoko )

4. JOE WERE ( @jaydabliu )

5. TICH TOO ( @tichtoo )

6. TREVOR ( @the_mentalyst )

7. NAMUKS ( @namuks )

8. ALLAN GICHIGI ( @gichigi )

9. PETER NDUNG’U ( @petersize10 )

There you go, photographers in their element! As always, leave thoughts!


โ€”Kech ( @simplykech )