There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love once you have heard their story, right? What if we listened to the stories each culture has to tell?

My name is Kech and I am setting out on a journey; a journey to tell the stories of the cultures I come across, a journey to take numerous photographs and a journey to eventually give meaning to these photographs.

This has come quite late, I know. It is sad, very sad, but may you cast that frown away and smile for your blog post cravings will now be regularly satisfied.

This is my photography blog. It is called Outside Black. Outside Black is an attempt to travel the world through the stories woven by its cities, its cultures and its wonderful citizens; in the hope that, perhaps, we can tear down stereotypes and fall in love with humanity again. This is a medium to express my voice and passion.

With my permanent companion strapped to my neck, I will search for tales that often fall by the wayside as bigger events push to the forefront. I will not only shoot the glamorous but also the dowdy!

In this journey, I know that I will not be alone. Well, I would like to believe so. If we are setting out on this journey together, you have only two tasks; firstly, let me know you are with me and drop a comment down below. Let us foster a commenting culture on Outside Black, shall we? Also, subscribe. Subscribe for subsequent posts. Subscribing is just sexy!

Outside Black is your journey, as much as it is mine!