I wouldn’t say I am a frequent flyer, but I have flown enough times to be able to compare my experience in a particular flight with previous ones. It was a flight from Eldoret to Nairobi booked on Fly 540’s website. I have used this airline before and they hadn’t given me a reason not to fly with them again. But unbeknownst to me, this was going to be the very day that they would give me that reason. This is a recount of that flight, possibly my worst ever?

Fly 540 x Fly Sax Airline?

I had booked knowing that the flight was going to be a ‘Fly 540‘ one. Boarding time reached and it was time to get on the plane. Together with a couple of other travelers, we proceeded to the gate and I noticed something was different. It was a different airline. It was a ‘Fly Sax‘ airline but nobody seemed to be having any issue with that so I thought that it was a normal occurrence and proceeded.

The service was great. The flight attendants were nice and spoke softly. I was guided to my seat. It’s always a window seat. There can’t be any other. Now, this is where it all began.


The plane took off. Peeping outside, my chance for a view was being obstructed by numerous scratches on the window.

High level disrespect!

I am a photographer. The worst you can do to me is deny me any chance of taking pictures. It’s an outright denial to experience a moment. This particular airline was trying very hard to disappoint. The scratches on the window made it virtually impossible to enjoy the amazing views from the top. Worse, I couldn’t take any pictures! The flight was not completely full so I tried switching seats but it was not any different. All the windows had scratches, lots of them!

My horrible view

All the same, we landed safely.

No love lost!

I never bothered to find out why the airline was changed because I am never going to fly with any of the two airlines again. However, I’d love to know why the windows had scratches. If kids did it, it will be easy to forgive but not forget.

This incident truly left a foul taste in my mouth. That’s really sad for an otherwise exceptional local class product. I wouldn’t love to have many forgettable flights like this one. I just hope this remains my worst ever!

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