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Holiday time is always whatever time, right? What better way to kick-start a cheerful and long weekend than with a stay at Anga Afrika?Well, Anga Afrika is a ten minutes drive from the Hub, Karen. It is a luxury tented camp with an eclectic blend of African accommodation, world-class facilities,enchanting and serene surroundings with plenty of warm-hearted staff. Anga Afrika is best to visit with your family, friends, lover or alone.


It is Friday. The estimated arrival time is ten minutes from the Hub mall. You head over past The Hub mall and take the rough road that leads you deep into the luxury camp, tucked away in hidden trees. The road is clearly marked. You can’t get lost.

Anga Afrika: Luxury Boutique Camp in Nairobi


As you already know, I am not very faithful when it comes to hotels. I tend to sleep around and only share the best ones with my readers. This kind of hotel promiscuity led me to explore Anga Afrika which is not a hotel, but a luxury boutique camp.

Path leading to the Luxury Tented Camps

On arrival, I was surprised and super excited to find such serenity in Nairobi.


There is a variety of luxury tents for you to pick.

Ndovu Luxury Tent: Double Deluxe

Cheetah Luxury Tent: Family Deluxe

Twiga Luxury Tent: Family Deluxe

Chui Luxury Tent: Single/Twin Deluxe


The food was delicious and in plenty! The service was excellent, a nice detail was that the stuff all addressed me by name.

On the day I arrived, I had a couple of things to take care of, so I didn’t get to enjoy the bonfire outside with other guests.

My stay at Anga Afrika was amazing, and I was dazzled by the friendly service, the gorgeous luxury tented camps and the delicious food. This is certainly one of the best spaces I have ever stayed at!

You may book your stay at Anga Afrika here.

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  • justifiedecstasy
    April 4, 2018

    How ecstatic is this?I can’t wait to get some Chui experience , banage please tell me there is a discount code!

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