Today I am on a page that is blank. There is nothing as daunting as coming face-to-face with a blank page. Such a clean slate either means that you can take up a project in any direction you want or such boundlessness can quickly become overwhelming. I am at this stage at the moment, having started a vlog. Yes, finally, I started a vlog!


For quite a long time, I admired the lives of film makers and had great desire to learn how to make videos. However, Β there was a problem within me. All this time, I was guilty of procrastination. I was chained. Chained in accumulation of knowledge of Β how short films were supposed to be made, how to post-process them and learning the various video trends that the internet loves. I had only gathered beyond an adequate point. That was my major set back. This last Saturday however, I made a decision to JUST START. I decided to finally embrace the whole of the uncertainty that might come with it.


I had various clips before so I picked among the many and I decided to finally put it out there in its most basic form. Just like that, I started a vlog.

I have posted my first video already! If you haven’t watched it yet, it would be good if you watched it as soon as you can. Also, there is a tab now on the blog that will have all video content. Here, the videos will be put up periodically but it will not notify you. For this reason, if you are a subscriber here, you will need to also subscribe again on the channel so that you may not miss any of the videos that are yet to come.


Here is my first video. Watch it and please subscribe to my channel.

Have you come face-to-face with a blank page before? Leave me thoughts, you know!