Nungwi is perhaps the most consequential treasures of Zanzibar. It lies to the North of Zanzibar and is one of the best places I have been to. If you are ever in Zanzibar and you have very limited time, then, heading to the north of Zanzibar should be the one and only place that you shouldn’t miss out on.

Nungwi Beach, Zanzibar


Nungwi beach, a white powdery beach is a classic paradise in the island of Zanzibar. It lies against the perfectly turquoise Indian Ocean.

The mix of cultures and awesome architecture at Nungwi beach still evoke tales about the Omani sultans and the Swahili people.

The great local population multiplies the goodness of Nungwi.


There are serpents in this paradise though. Many resorts, bars, beauty spas and other businesses spoil some of the wonderful views along the coastline.

Fisherman’s Grill & Bar

Smiles Spa

Zanzi Yoga

Also, since masses have already realized the goodness of Nungwi, you might have to share your stay there with thousands of tourists and the overzealous beach hawkers.

A family at Nungwi

Life of a dad

An overzealous hawker in frame

Some legwork along the coastline will help you find a secluded stretch of sand for yourself.

Little legwork along the coastline

Find your favourite spot and SEAs your day there!

SEAs your day!

If you are the type that can read by the beach, then you may also fill your soul with a good read in the midst of the happy hues.

Feel free to also engage the ‘fake’ Maasais at the beach.

Or rather, you may stop and just catch up with the many fishermen by the beach.

But for all that, be kind enough to always share what you have with your neighbour!

Spread kindness mates!

There you go, Nungwi, Zanzibar! Stay safe mates!

Live and love, always!