The plan in Zanzibar Island was to get accommodation in Stone Town and then head over to the East, North and South of the island from this point. Paje, a town in the East of Zanzibar was our favourite pick for two reasons; Firstly, I had read that there was a kite center in Paje and I had really wanted to try out kite surfing and finally check it off my bucket list. Secondly, my trip mate was in dire need for some nightlife and this was rumored to be only available in Paje. Since Paje was rumored to have a little bit of life at night, it became a point of interest to him and also to me! Consequently, we set out for Paje.

Boy heading to Paje, Zanzibar


Public transport is available from Stone Town to Paje and the cost of transport is relatively cheap. Take a daladalaΒ  if you do not need to make stop overs along the way. You will safely get to Paje. You may also drive to Paje. We opted for the latter and had our first glitch a few moments later, an inevitable change of not one but two of the car’s tyres.

This was sorted and we left half an hour later. A drive to Paje takes an hour from Stone Town at moderate speed. Hit the road while you jam to an amazing playlist of Tanzanian songs.

To this date, when the song Muziki by Darassa and Ben Pol plays, I always remember the road trip to Paje.


Make a stop over at Jozani Forest. It is short for Jozani Chwaka Bay National Park Forest. It is the ONLY national park in Zanzibar and for this reason, a stop over here is mandatory.

Forest feels at Jozani

The forest is particularly interesting for being a home to the rare red Colobus monkeys and a number of different species of birds. This forest that is full of trees that are uniquely tall is a tranquil place. Enjoy the stop over and continue with the journey.


Arrive at Paje and head over to Kobe House, a resort by Paje beach where you can take it all in from there.

Kobe House at Paje Beach


Paje Beach

Paje beach has a kite center that you may check off kite surfing off your bucket list. Kite surfing.


Paje Beach is always cleaned each and every day and shows how much Zanzibar values its beaches.Β Take a stroll along the coastline and swim in the blue waters of Paje.

@zebeedej taking a beach stroll

For the nightlife, we were a little bit disappointed. For sure, I can safely conclude now that Zanzibar has no nightlife. The sun will set and we shall try again.

Live, love!