Finding the coolest miniature golf course in Kenya was our perfect idea of winding up for the weekend and possibly a great way to kick start the jamboree that comes up each and every five years in our country,thanks to our political nature! I was with Joy, a really cool friend and one of the most amazing people I have ever met.

Scene of a joyous moment


The Hub in Karen was our destination early Saturday morning.

The Hub, Karen

Serenity at The Hub

Soothing waterfall at The Hub

You have probably been to The Hub and you have also been boasting around of  how you know each and every corner of it, but you have not been to the miniature golf course, so please sit down!

Miniature golf course, The Hub.


Miniature golf normally focuses solely on the putting aspect of its parent game. Majority of the mini golf courses consist of a series of holes, in multiples of nine, similar to that in the parent game but usually characterized by their short length (that is from tee to cup), the use of artificial putting surfaces (carpets) and artificial obstacles ( tunnels or ramps).

Miniature golf is purely a mini version of its parent game.


The Hub, Karen offers a seven-hole mini-golf course, with several twists.

The entire course is very well maintained and the whole area is brought to life by the bright colours around and a fountain system with blue water. The result is a creative and colorful assortment of figures and decor. The latter is elegant and does not strain too hard to convey class.

Elegant decor

If that’s not enough to make things interesting, the facility is family-friendly bringing the entire experience into one that isn’t found elsewhere in the city.

A family-friendly facility


My first time to play golf was a disaster. After numerous trials going through all the seven holes of the course, I failed desperately and gladly went behind the camera as I watched Joy easily go  through all the seven holes.


Joy all set

Joy at 1

Joy at 2

Joy at 2

Joy at 3

Joy at 3

Joy at 4

Joy at 5

Joy at 5

Joy at 6

Joy at 6

Joy at 6

Joy at 7

Joy at 7


Having achieved our happy adventure, we wrapped up the day with a late lunch at Artcaffe, the Hub.

Would you love to try out mini-golfing? Share thoughts! Live and love.