Today is Featured Friday! It means that each and every Friday customarily, someone amazing takes over the blog. Guess what? Today is a special Friday. It’s not just one person taking over, not two people even, but nine people! Nine!


Nairobi Syndrome is a portraiture series I have started to get to have people to express their feelings towards Nairobi; love, hate and everything in between. Generally, their thoughts and reflections about their Nairobi. Nairobi syndrome is all about portraiture with purpose.

T-Mall roundabout


I choose to start with the ladies for this series for two reasons; Firstly, most of my subjects are women and secondly, for me, the female body is easy to photograph compared to the male one.

Having said that, here you go! Some thoughts and reflections about Nairobi from some of its residents in no particular order.


One thing I love about Nairobi is the diversity in its culture! That is, its cosmopolitan nature. In Nairobi, there are many activities you can do and very many places you can visit. There is so much to do in this city!

However, Nairobi has really bad traffic! I really do not like this bit about my city.


I am in love with the food and the amazing restaurants around town!I am particularly in love with Java. People think it is overrated but I still love it.

Its friendly people and the cheap transportation available are other reasons why I hold Nairobi dear. I hate the traffic and how both motorists and pedestrians do not obey traffic rules. I also don’t like how sellers determine what price they will sell stuff to you just by looking at you.


I hate how Nairobi is infamous for its traffic. I hate that to get ahead in anything, you need to have money. Corruption is a disease here and I hate this!

I love Nairobi for its beauty. It is home! I wouldn’t ditch it for anywhere else.


I really, really love the people and the food in Nairobi. The people are so kind, understanding and the most fun bunch of people I have ever been with. I just hate the traffic!

5. ASKA 

I don’t like Nairobi’s traffic. The dust around also sucks! This city is just a mess!


Nairobi is the ultimate hub of diversity, be it in terms of culture, cuisine, fashion or music. The vibrancy of its city life is untouchable.

Let’s not even get to the nightlife and the party scene it offers. No wonder all these A-list artists are flying in one after the other. Although the traffic and insecurity is quite prevalent in Nairobi more than other parts of Kenya, I’d never choose to reside elsewhere.


In Nairobi you can get anything, readily available! Anything you need, you will find!

Traffic in Nairobi sucks! Its ruthless matatu drivers and its unkind conductors ruin Nairobi for me.


I love Nairobi’s architecture. The way the buildings in CBD stand tall is pretty amazing!

I love how easy it is to enjoy the art scene in Nairobi. It has some of the most talented people that inspire me each and every day. I love how everyone minds their own business in this city. I do not take it for granted.

I just don’t like how everything is overpriced and how everywhere is overcrowded these days.


I love the matatu culture. They are like museums on wheels.

I do not like the insecurity around me, it is wanting! I also don’t like the fact that the environment is not well taken care of in some areas.


What is your perception of Nairobi? Be part of this great series by sharing your reflections down below or wherever! Have yourself a swell weekend!