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“Pretend you know what you’re doing until you convince yourself and everyone else that it’s true.”
These are the words I live by, because four years ago, I got into a course that I knew nothing about, Actuarial Science! What was it? Was it a science related to Biology, Chemistry and Physics, or was it something completely different? I had no idea. All I knew is that it was one of the highest paying professions in the world, and it involved a lot of Math. Two things that I loved. Bingo!!
I still don’t know much. Trust me, my lecturers reminded me of that constantly. But I can convince myself and everyone around me that I know enough to be an actuary, or at least something along those lines.
As hard as it is, Actuarial Science wasn’t the hardest thing about university. My ability to crack under pressure was tested in form of friendships, sleepless nights, empty pockets and everything else that comes with adulting.
What a ride it has been! I have grown immensely and my future excites me, the only way from here is up.
See you on the other side, folks!


— Ajjie

For her graduation photo session, Ajjie wore her own design! How cool!

Ajjie, art, same thing!

She really dressed to kill! (me) . OOTD in check!

You know that saying of how yellow & orange looks great on black skin? How about when you have a graduation gown on it?

Okay, wait, not so sure if this is yellow or mustard! Whatever it is, Ajjie looked absolutely adorable, stylish and dope!

We had to stop shooting for a couple of minutes because of the enormous compliments on both her latest feat and her appearance!

Grateful to all the places putting up flags during this World Cup season!

Perhaps signs of how we should all go forth into the world and conquer?

While shooting portraits, we talked about life generally and mostly about taking the unconventional path.

I also got to learn so much about her clothing brand. You may shop Ajjie’s designs on her INSTAGRAM here or here.

Some more portraits? I got you!

Really loved how she filled that frame!

Snapped quick moments of Ajjie getting ready for the next scene.

Here we go!

We later came by this cute book store and decided to shoot some more inside!

Time to grab some random books now and play!

All booked up!

Congratulations on your graduation girl! It’s now your time to shine, no hesitation!

It’s always a great time creating with my clients!

All love.


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  • Ajjie
    July 9, 2018

    This is absolutely breathtaking Kech. I still wake up and look at these photos, wondering if that’s really me.
    The shoot was so much fun, you made me feel like a supermodel. The conversations (and bumping into a celebrity or two) were also great.
    Cheers to all shades of yellow
    Cheers to taking the road less travelled.

    And cheers to making more portraits with you, because you’ll definitely hear from me again

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