This is an image of the Sahara I took while in Egypt. It has nothing to do with this post. I just hope to confuse you while pronouncing Sarahah from this moment.



Sarahah is an app that helps you self-develop by receiving ‘constructive anonymous feedback’. It is the new wave in town for now and your boy embraced it. If you have ever wanted to say something to someone anonymously, Sarahah gives you that platform.

Yesterday morning on my Instagram, I put up my Sarahah link. I got slightly over fifty messages revolving around various bits of my life.

I promised to respond to them. I picked 51 of them leaving out two, so here you go!


  1. Great photographer. Thank you so much!
  2. Wacha ujinga jamaa!!!  lol okay!
  3. I think you’re such a nice person. I usually see you a lot in school but I don’t say hi cos I dunno if you remember me. We’ve met once and we hit it off real good. – I have a feeling I know who this is, but all the same, I am mostly wrong, so hit me up.
  4. You’re such a bomb ass photographer. And your blog is life!!! – Thank you for the support.  I am so grateful!
  5. I wish I could see the world the way you see it. Your photography is amazing! Keep blessing us with your gift. Thanks so much. I feel so jazzed! You have my entire gratitude.
  6. Your photography is A1 – Thanks mate! Stay awesome!
  7. You so fun Kech I can go with you to the moon and back – Firstly, I still don’t believe anyone ever set foot on the moon, the images and clips were graphically manipulated, I think. Secondly, I am happy that you think I am fun. Please pick another destination apart from the moon and message me. Deal?lol
  8. I would totally want a free picture taken for my music CD cover you’re so good! – Pay for my stuff, I pay for yours. I don’t want you to be the greatest musician but the most broke.
  9. I love your photography – Thanks so much!
  10. Good job! – Thank you.
  11. Brilliant photography. – Thank you! Stay cool!
  12. We are still waiting for our euro trip photos – I sent them! Please do not add those filters to them when you find them.
  13. Long time! – Please look for me. Let’s catch up! Coffee?
  14. I want a shoot with you someday – Have you emailed me yet?
  15. Your work is really amazing , i think you’re going places! keep up ! – Thanks for always supporting me and my work! Be blessed!
  16. Awesome photographer hehehehehe – Asante!
  17. I love your pictures and blogs keep it up with the good work – Thanks so much! Stay awesome!
  18. My all time favourite photographer ❤❤ – Thanks for always supporting me and my work!
  19. Kech, ile pen yangu uliniomba tukiwa ryma hukuwai nirudishia aki – Lol! 
  20. Hello… snob – Hello…It’s me!
  21. You’re like a different person online, because you barely say anything in person. Success can’t miss you though. Definitely a person to watch!– You do not know me too well. I barely say anything to those that do not know me at a certain level. Thanks for the kind words. Bless!
  22. Kech You are most amazing person …… Your cooking is just GREAT❤ Your photography is like no other! You really inspire me …. We don’t talk but I rate your cooking and photography and it is 100% – Why are you so nice?Thank you though! I wanted to be a chef at one point in my life. I am so happy, it feels great that I inspire someone.
  23. I like you Kech. – I like you too
  24. Your art speaks to people. Keep it up! – I am really grateful. Stay blessed.
  25. You are doing amazing sweerie!! – lol thanks
  26. Date Alice Wambui – lol Hey Alice! You need to see this.
  27. Ur photos are dope man – Thank you man!
  28. Super talented. Such a cool guy. We should hangout some time-Yeah sure. Message me.
  29. I could be a model in one of your shoots.– Email me.
  30. You’re cute– Thank you!
  31. Your content is amazing the blogs and pictures you take .. kudos continue with your great work!- Thank you for always supporting me and my work.
  32. What are your full names ? Ian Korir. Kech is a short of my middle name. My younger sister couldn’t pronounce it when we were babies. So the name stuck to date.
  33. A constructive message? Really? Oh yes, I present to you Sarahah!
  34. How come you never take photos of yourself?  I do, I really do.
  35. What’s your relationship with Gakenia? I know two Gakenias. Which one exactly?
  36. Who was your first love? Aurelia. She’s amazing!
  37. Why did you leave Kabarak? I was really exhausted with the whole system!
  38. You have an awesome feed. Is photography your hobby or profession? Thank you! I am forever working to be a full time photographer.
  39. Who finances your trips abroad haha I want to go on one. – I save a lot whenever I want to go somewhere. I also get to be sponsored to go on other trips.You surely can go on one but remember to always book your flight with Travelstart.
  40. Amazing photography, and how come you get to travel so much? I really don’t, I don’t think I travel so much. Traveling so much is goals!
  41. Where do you get money to go places? – Ni kujipanga my fren! lol
  42. What’s worse than a heart break? Hitting my tiny toe against anything. That thing is so painful!
  43. Why don’t you take pictures of Becky anymore? – I do. She’s a pretty cool homie!
  44. What do you really enjoy doing apart from photographing and blogging? What’s your kind of fun? Is there anyone in your life? Keep doing what you love. Cheers!! – You took all my favourite options away. Aside from those, I enjoy challenging myself and recently I started making short films. I hope you will love them as well. There are very many cool people in my life. lol
  45. How much do you charge for a photo shoot?– Email me for a quote.
  46. Canon or Nikon? – I use Nikon but it’s always preference.
  47. Loooveee your photography. How much do you charge for photo shoots ? – Thank you! If you email me I will send you a quote.
  48. Describe yourself and what is your favourite destination in Kenya. – People shouldn’t have bios. My favourite destination in Kenya is Turkana & all the places along Kenya’s coast.
  49. When did you start photography– December 2015. It’s almost two years now.
  50. How old are you? – I will be 22 soon Inshallah!
  51. Which country would you really love to go to? I am always down for anything!

Thanks for reading all 51. Now, feel free to drop your comments today anonymously on my Sarahah here.